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How to Order


We design each cake specifically for its owner.

We make everything on site, with real ingredients, from scratch. We don't sell ready-made products. Before we decide what kind of cake we will design, we meet/talk with you to understand what you want. After listening to you, we tell you what kind of a cake we can prepare for you.


We do not use any ingredient that we will not have at our home's kitchen or feed to our children.

We may use vanilla, chocolate, brownie, carrot and/or cinnamon in the sponge cakes depending on your preferences. If you'd like, we can add orange or lemon zest, hazelnut, pistachio, almond, walnut or chocolate pieces as well.

We use chocolate cream or white chocolate cream, caramel and/or lemon cream for icing. We do not use ready-made icing products, we prepare our own icing according to our own recipes.

We have many options such as banana, strawberry, raspberry, chocolate, croquant, walnut, hazelnut, pistachio for the cakes.

Milk chocolate, milk cream, banana or raspberry are generally preferred as filling material for the cakes for children.

Cost and Delivery

You may make your payments by cash or credit card at the time of delivery.

We can deliver our cakes within Ankara city only. If you live in another city, unfortunately we cannot deliver our cakes to you. However, we can send cookies designed specifically for your event such as birthday, engagement, wedding, etc. to anywhere in Turkey.

The slice cost for a custom designed cake generally varies between 30-35 TL. The prices per cookie vary between 8-15 TL and per cupcake between 15-20 TL.

Unless requested otherwise, decorative cookies are prepared without a stick and a label, each in a gelatin bag and complete with a ribbon tie.

Since each of our products is specially designed and prepared for you, our prices vary based on the materials we use, the details of the design we make, and of course the time and effort we spend. The quantities of the products also may also effect the price.

The slice cost of large cakes is less than the slice cost of small cakes.

In order to have your cake elaborately prepared, we request you to order at least 5 days in advance for birthday cakes and at least 2 weeks in advance for engagement and wedding cakes. We generally cannot accept last-minute orders, as well as orders placed a day or two in advance.

For wedding cakes which are prepared with candy flowers, special figures etc. please order at least 1 month in advance.

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